We are a lean, nimble outfit of highly skilled and credentialed construction engineers, designers, carpenters, painters, and project managers. Serving the Corridor region from Iowa City, we specialize in design-build commercial construction and remodeling projects — always delivering more than is expected.

Corridor is owned and managed by four partners with more than 100 years of combined experience. One will lead your project and oversee a team of skilled workers, as well as all qualified sub-contractors required to complete the job. Best of all, our partner is your direct contact throughout.

We bring more than experience to each site. We bring value engineering. Thanks, in part, to our previous roles in large construction companies. What that means for you is savings without sacrificing structural integrity or aesthetic design. We simply bring more to the job to put — and keep — your mind at ease.

spades in the earth

We may not be the first general contractor to help enterprising companies break ground, but we might be the most conscientious.


Tidy craftsmanship without shortcuts underscores our work ethic. In fact, we go out of our way to break down contractor stereotypes.


You have a business to get up and running, and we have one to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Details. Details. Details.
It is said to measure twice and cut once. We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we apply that philosophy to everything we do on a project. Whether a cost estimate, material order, scheduling subcontractors, or preparing an accurate punch list, every single thing we do has our full attention. We leave nothing to chance, and that's how you can measure us.

Our Services.

Pre-Construction Services

Each project begins with an early and thorough bid package, solicitation and tabulation. We keep it above board throughout.

New Construction

From the ground up, we manage the entire design-build process, working with city officials, funding entities, land owners, and utilities to make it reality.


When breaking new ground becomes a commercial remodeling project, our know-how and vast skill set allows us to transform your space with minimal disruption.

Project Management

Our commitment to precision craftsmanship is rivaled only by our ongoing communication and coordination between owner, subcontractors, and vendors.

Cost Reporting

Cost Reporting begins early and runs through project end. You'll receive timely and transparent updates throughout each construction phase.

Value Engineering

Value engineering ensures best practices without compromising aesthetics or structural integrity. In short, we manage surprise expenses.

LEED Implementation

Our LEED-accredited staff can help guide you through the certification process, offering sustainable strategies along the way.

Design & Coordination

A design network of engineers, architects, and interior designers develop sound, creative, and cost-effective plans to capture and complete your vision.

Post-Building Inspection

Upon completion, we provide a host of post-construction services, from owner maintenance and operational training to a one-year post building inspection.

Building Maintenance

Corridor Construction offers peace-of-mind building maintenance, from managing repairs and subs to everyday upkeep and 24-hr emergencies.
Doctors we are not.
but we do eliminate headaches.